About Hanex® Solid Surface Filters

One inspirational solid surface …infinite design possibilities

Hanex® is a premium solid surface material offering endless design possibilities and unrivalled product performance.

Crafted from a unique blend of acrylic resins and natural materials; Hanex® can be cut, shaped, moulded and thermoformed into an unlimited range of designs. The highly creative Hanex® portfolio now offers a total of 86 décors across the tonal spectrum in stones, pearlescents, translucents and plain colours offering a toolbox of creativity.

The new Stratum collection from Hanex® presents a range of six True Scale designs, which look like genuine marble but can be easily fabricated offering wide creative scope for private residential, hotel, commercial and leisure applications. Stratum solid surface can be cut, shaped, moulded and thermoformed to create luxurious worksurfaces, vanity surfaces, furniture pieces, shelving, retail counters and wall cladding to name just a few design uses.

Infinite applications

Suitable for use in any residential or commercial setting, including hotels, retail, hospitality, healthcare, schools, offices or transport, Hanex® combines durability and beauty to create a premium surface that will stand the test of time.
Highly durable, scratch and stain resistant, and easy to maintain; Hanex® offers a cost effective, long-term option for commercial clients.

Applications of Solid Surface

Unique benefits

High performance and easy maintenance, Hanex® solid surface material is repairable and resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria. Fire rated to EN13501-1b (comparable to BS476 Class 0) and with NSF51 food hygiene certification, all Hanex® solid surface décors come with a ten-year residential and commercial product warranty. See here for more information.

Alongside leading product performance, Hanex Solid Surface also offers these great benefits:

Specifications Hanex

• easy to create any design
• durable
• maintains its colour and shape
• resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria
• renewable and repairable
• environmentally friendly

• easy to care for and maintain
• scratch and stain resistant
• extensive colour range
• 10 year residential and commercial product warranty
• highest FR classification – EN13051-1b Euroclass B
• non-porous and certified NSF51

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